Phoenix Comicon 2016 - Your chance to win tickets!

Every year Comicon comes to entertain Phoenix and hold a three day meet and greet, dress up, party,comic book and action figure event. The event is packed with exhibitors, artist, media, creators, and even characters that take over the Phoenix Convention Center. This year doors open on Thursday June 2nd and the action packed event will last 3 days so make sure you get out and see your favorite hero or character!

We here at Molly Water are excited to announce that our own Alkaline Avenger will be out at the event fighting off dehydration and making sure all the Comicon festival-goers stay hydrated! We also decided to light up the night and create a Special Edition Phoenix Comicon bottle of water that we are sure you can not miss at the Con on Adams St. block party hosted by R Entertainment. We will be out there each night so make sure to stop by and enjoy the party!  Find the Alkaline Avenger and be sure to check out our Special Edition Premium Alkaline Water Bottle exclusively for this year's Comicon! To find out where you can get the Special Edition Phoenix Comicon X Molly Water bottle check our location tracker here.

Looking for tickets to this year's Comicon show? All you have to do is check the location tracker on our website, head over to the nearest location that sells Molly Water, purchase a Limited Edition bottle of Molly Water and upload it to your social media using the hashtag #AlkalineAvenger or #MollyHero. You and your friends could be on your way to Phoenix Comicon 2016! Its as simple as that!

-Hydrate Responsibly