Molly Water gets Tipsy

Today it seems that everything is accessible to us at any given moment whether it be knowledge, directions, communication, our finances, and now even alcohol. The app tipsy  that is available for download in the App Store brings you just that service (currently only for iPhone). Simply enter in what it is you would like to drink, where you are, and a driver will deliver your special request within 30 minutes. It seems the beverage industry has gone above and beyond, collaborating with technology and accessibility to your favorite liquor and spirits.

However, what about the next day? A fun night out with friends can be the highlight of anyones day, but sometimes those next mornings can be dreadful and somewhat painful. According to the Scientific American, “75 percent of those who drink alcohol to intoxication will experience a hangover. Consumption of relatively large amounts of alcohol leads to more severe symptoms, which include headache, nausea, vomiting, thirst and dryness of mouth, tremors, dizziness, fatigue and muscle cramps. Often there is an accompanying slump in occupational, cognitive or visual-spatial skills.” We’ve all been down that path looking for something to cure us and get rid of those  dreadful symptoms the next day, but often come up very short. While sports drinks and other home remedies might temporarily do the trick, your body needs to replenish itself and rehydrate; not add onto that never ending list.

Thankfully, Molly Water has all the essentials you need, and goes through a process to make sure they get delivered to your body correctly. The purification process alone ensures the water is 99.9% rid of impurities, and is suitable to meet your body's expectations in every bottle that is produced...something that may be needed after some decisions made the night before. You know that feeling of anxiety where your heart starts to race and you start to slightly panic? A contributing factor is due to a lack of magnesium running through your system. Molly Water’s essential blend of electrolytes with the emphasis of magnesium was designed to create a perfect balance of your body's internal pH level, and you back to your healthy, active lifestyle.

So while we fully support the good times, remember to think about the ‘not so good times’ you might have had in the past.  Go ahead and set yourself up before a long night out, and toss in Molly Water’s vitamin rich, hangover fighting water with the other items you have on demand from the creative genius’ over at Tipsy. You won’t regret it. And remember to always #hydrateresponsibly