Magnesium Deficiency In Humans

Based on the poor quality of what comes out of you tap at home, health-conscious people like us often rely on bottled or home-filtered water for their drinking needs. While most filtered and bottled waters are free of cancer-causing contaminants, they provide little or no magnesium. Even most tap water is devoid of this critical mineral.

Magnesium plays hundreds of crucial roles in the body, including suppressing unstable heart rhythms, controlling blood pressure, maintaining insulin sensitivity, and regulating over 300 enzymes. Attaining optimal magnesium levels is an absolute requirement for good health.

Molly Water Co. wants to help show what magnesium’s importance is to human health, how changes in the way we obtain our drinking water have contributed to widespread magnesium deficiencies, and why you need to drink more Molly Water!

 Basics of Magnesium

Magnesium is required for the proper function of approximately 300 enzymes in the human body. Functions as diverse as blood pressure regulation, muscle contraction, heart rhythm stabilization, and nervous system communication are all magnesium-dependent processes. Humans cannot survive without magnesium. Some authorities have even argued that some typical manifestations of aging—such as loss of muscle mass, rising blood pressure, and diminished nervous system function—are partly attributable to magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium in Bottled Water Today

The present-day interest for bottled water has further compounded the problem. Americans consumed over 8 billion gallons of bottled water last year. The mineral content of these products varies widely. While some mineral waters, particularly those from Europe, contain a moderate amount of magnesium, other brands of bottled water contain little or none.

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for magnesium—that is, the amount required to prevent severe deficiency—is 420mg a day for men and 320mg a day for women. In cities with the highest magnesium water content, only 30% of the RDA can be obtained by drinking two liters of tap water a day.4 In most cities, only a meager 10-20% of the daily requirement can be obtained. That leaves 70–90% of the daily magnesium requirement that must be obtained from other sources. Since many people’s diets are also low in magnesium, the average American ingests substantially less magnesium than the RDA.

Why Molly Water?

Our proprietary formula of all natural ionic minerals was designed to create a perfect balance for your internal pH. Our formula contains all the essential electrolytes with an emphasis on Magnesium. The most common product that the “others” use to raise their pH levels is potassium (which is a vital mineral when the dosage is balanced) and 3-4 other salt types which essentially creates a high external pH but has high contents of sodium. Unlike our competitors, our pH level is naturally occurring through our infusion of all natural minerals. “Their” formulas contain high contents of potassium and sodium. On the other hand, our proprietary blend is very low in sodium and extremely high in magnesium, which is what all of our bodies need on a daily basis!

Molly Water’s carefully crafted formula consists of 100% all natural electrolytes and purified magnesium water to increase energy levels, enhance endurance and restore hydration. Fulfill your body's needs, Hydrate Responsibly!

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