Monitor Daily Water Intake


It can be very easy throughout the day to forget about the necessities your body needs to function properly. Your daily water intake is a very crucial aspect to your health and immune system. Magnesium Alkaline enhanced water is the best contributor to balance your body's pH levels and get rid of sodium and other harmful chemicals. With all of Apple's new products and technology that seem to be integrated throughout most of our daily routine, monitoring health seems to be a trending topic now with downloadable applications.

The Waterlogged app that was recently released, seems to be a very popular download on all Apple devices, including Apple watch. This new app tracks daily water intake, and offers customization to set reminders to reach health goals. Waterlogged allows you access to set these reminders at times of the day when you could be very distracted, and not thinking about your daily water intake. This new app also seems to be very popular in the fitness community, and the on-the-go business professional that pursues a healthy active lifestyle. Combining Science and Technology to monitor your health is exactly what Molly Water excels in to ensure you are getting the perfect amount of ionic minerals. When you go to download the Waterlogged app in the iTunes store, be sure to head over to Molly Water as well and get the water that is going to be beneficial, and help you reach those daily goals you are now tracking!