The Original Energy Drink.

Long days at the office or late nights at work are a stressful inevitability in today’s professional world. Between the demands of career and home life, many hardworking people find themselves resorting to short-term solutions in order to get things done. We know the struggle. When it comes down to a deadline and you’re feeling tired, you turn to a quick fix like coffee or energy drinks.

Energy drinks were first introduced to the American market by Redbull back in 1997, and the trend has continued ever since. Nearly every major beverage corporation from Coca-Cola on down has developed their own version of this hyper-caffeinated beverage.

Energy drinks are marketed as a quick “pick-me-up” designed to increase your alertness, improve your mood, enhance your physical stamina, and reduce your mental fatigue. The combination of ingredients like taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, and B-Vitamins has the effect of increasing blood pressure and heart rate and certainly makes it seem as though you are becoming more awake or alert. But while these alternative energy sources may keep you moving for the time being, studies are beginning to show that they may actually do more harm than good; taking a serious toll on your mental and physical health. Increasing evidence is linking energy drinks to dependency, anxiety, even heart complications.

The truth is that humans have evolved over thousands and thousands of years to draw energy from natural sources: i.e. food and water! Our bodies are a careful composition of chemicals which require the proper balance to operate. We depend on serotonin and other endorphins to feel active, alert, and happy, and it takes the right fuel to maintain this careful concoction. Water is an absolute necessity for all human functionality, especially in the neurochemical processes which keep our minds sharp and our bodies active.

So the next time you’re looking for a pick-me-up, instead of breaking the bank on expensive energy drinks which will only add extra calories and unnecessary chemicals, try a bottle of Molly Water and experience the difference. Molly Water is packed full of natural minerals like magnesium which help your brain to focus and flush out harmful toxins. The natural hydration offered by our crisp, clean water will be more than beneficial for your overall productivity throughout the day. For a fun twist of flavor, try adding a squeeze of fresh citrus, berries, even sliced cucumber or basil, and add a splash of variety to your day!

Fuel your mind and body with what it really needs.


Hydrate Responsibly