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With the growth of technology over the last decade, it seems everything you want to see, buy, and associate yourself with is only a few clicks away. The internet has made our lives very simple in today's evolving world, but it still won't do a few things for you.

1. It won't feed you. Although you can order the groceries online now you still have to put some effort in and open your mouth and feed yourself.

2. It won't drive your car (yet) or pump your gas.

3. Although some can, and most definitely have, you cannot fall in love with it (sorry Siri).

4. It won't actually hydrate you or physically bond with your body's daily need for natural elements to keep a productive and healthy lifestyle.


 Now let's set one thing straight here, we have nothing but love for this cyber world and the internet, we just want to make sure you are keeping a productive and healthy lifestyle. As many of you already do and thank you very much, you can get all of Molly Water’s magnesium rich alkaline products sent directly to you, and ( if you have Amazon ) sometimes even the same day.

What about those times when you do make it out of your mom's basement to go meet up with a couple of our favorite Molly Water girls, or hit the 6 AM spin class so you can maybe have a chance with one of them, and you show up empty handed and awkward by not knowing what to do with your hands?

We are proud to announce that now you can find our alkaline rich, magnesium enhanced, all-natural bottled water at many new locations near you! So next time you are putting some gas into your suped-up subi, or stopping at the Chevron down the street for a few snacks to enjoy, make it a point to stop at that section that you always miss and hydrate responsibly! Molly Water has now made it even more convenient for you to start that New Year’s resolution to pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle while you're out and about. If you're already an avid bottled water drinker, keep it up but set the trend and experience the difference with Molly Water.

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