Earn your Sunday Funday.

Molly Water was designed to assist in regulating your body's all-natural pH balance as well as increase energy levels, enhance endurance and restore hydration. Now like most people your body is probably more acidic than you would like it to be, and more than you probably realistically know. All that chocolate, coffee, pasta, cheese, eggs, fish, etc. that we all love and enjoy so much is actually pushing you towards an acidic state and making you fall below the pH level of 7. Now nobody is perfect and we understand that, but if we can create a product to help you maximize your true potential during the workweek, and replenish on the weekends, and have a little fun in the midst of it all, then I would say we are doing our jobs.

The best part about promoting a product within a community and market that is constantly striving for improvement and a more sustainable lifestyle is the people you meet and other individuals that are trying to do the exact same thing, just in a different industry. Having constant access to this premium alkaline water must be really helping our creativity because we have found ways to partner and promote with those individuals that are constantly striving for wellness and improvement.

We know first hand that sometimes all this ph level / magnesium enhanced / natural electrolyte mineral water balance talk can be overwhelming at times so we decided we needed to find a way to step aside from the work-home life balance, and learn to balance and regulate our creativity in a different light. Introducing NamaStay at Moxy Tempe. The NamaStay event runs every Sunday and we are proud and honored to partner with such creative individuals, organizations, and local businesses to escape the desk work and focus on some mind-body enhancement work...and hang out and maybe have a few mimosas by the pool on Sunday.

NamaStay at Moxy Tempe is a yoga session on Sunday mornings taught by Suki Plazola, a 5 certification Yoga/Barre/Power instructor that guides you through a fun and exciting yoga session. The event is hosted by The Moxy located in Tempe and is on Sunday mornings from 10:30am-11:30am with Complimentary Mimosas, Delicious Naan, and an open pool deck after for anyone that attends the NamaStay event to enjoy for the afternoon. So where do we fit in? We decided to partner with a local organization called Student Body Fitness  that is all about health and wellness, and balancing that work/school/home life and maintaining a happy, enjoyable lifestyle. To be honest we are the lucky ones that get to work alongside these talented individuals & savvy businesses.

If you’re reading this and all the balance talk scares you a bit, there is nothing to be afraid of. NamaStay at Moxy Tempe is for everyone from first-time yogis to experienced Yoga enthusiast, as long as you are willing to give it a try, and have a little bit of fun.

See you next Sunday at NamaStay at Moxy Tempe!