Why Hydrate Responsibly?

By now you've seen it on our social media, on our bottles of water, and even on our apparel. So what does “Hydrate Responsibly” really mean?

Molly Water is a Premium Alkaline water that is magnesium filtered and has over 72 trace minerals to keep you not only hydrated but creative, energized and balanced no matter what your lifestyle may entail. When we say Hydrate Responsibly or you see our branding it is not to tell you you’re irresponsible or to tell you what to do; everyone is in charge of their own lives and decisions, we’re just here to help! Our focus is on helping your body stay balanced throughout your work day and to help you balance a modern lifestyle full of work, fun, stress and hopefully happiness. So I guess the question would be what is “responsible” in your lifestyle? The decision and answer are really up to you, our supporters. We’re here to help and to let you know that our proprietary bottled water provides some of the nutrients that are necessary for positive health results in your active and busy life.




Stay active, stay happy, and always Hydrate Responsibly-