FAQs About Molly Water

What is Molly Water?

Answer: It’s not what you think!!! Molly Water is a 100% all natural mineral alkaline magnesium water.

What is Alkaline & the importance?

Answer: Alkaline is a substance that has a pH level of 7 or greater. When your body consumes products that are acidic (below 7) it can alter the balance of your pH level thus making you have low stamina, fatigue and other health issues.

Molly Water vs. other high pH waters

Answer: Our proprietary formula of all natural ionic minerals was designed to create a perfect balance for your internal pH. Our formula contains all the essential electrolytes with an emphasis on Magnesium. The most common product that the “others” use to raise their pH levels is potassium (which is a vital mineral when the dosage is balanced) and 3-4 other salt types which essentially creates a high external pH but has high contents of sodium.

Why more Magnesium?:

Answer: 80% of all Americans are deficient in magnesium!! Studies have shown that magnesium water can benefit your blood pressure and help prevent sudden heart attacks.

Can I drink Molly Water if I am pregnant?

Answer: Yes you can! Its actually beneficial!

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How many bottles of Molly Water should I drink in a day?

Answer: We recommend 4-5 bottles for men and 3-4 bottles for women.

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