Positive Effects of Alkaline Water During Pregnancy

Pregnancy tends to always come with a long list of uncomfortable and annoying side effects, however many of them are related to dehydration and can be easily alleviated by drinking enough filtered alkaline water by Molly Water Co.

Alkaline magnesium water is particularly effective because it is supercharged with antioxidants and alkaline minerals. It is also believed to be up to six times more hydrating than tap or bottled water, and has an alkaline pH which is beneficial to our overall health. Below we have listed the most common side effects of pregnancy, which all can be helped with alkaline water by Molly Water Co.

9 common pregnancy side effects that can be helped with alkaline magnesium water:

1. Constipation

Up to 50% of women suffer from constipation at some point during their pregnancy. Reasons include increased progesterone, added pressure of the uterus on the rectum in late pregnancy, and increased iron supplementation. Drinking plenty of alkaline water (Molly Water) can easily help alleviate constipation by lubricating the intestines and flushing waste out more effectively.

2. Swollen hands and feet

Ironically, water retention is a sign of dehydration. Your body holds onto excess water out of desperation and fear of not having enough water based on your water intake habits. This is common in the last trimester of your pregnancy, when you should be drinking even more water to compensate for the extra weight gain with the baby. By drinking a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of alkaline water daily, you allow your body to relax and start to release the excess water, only keeping what it really needs for you and your baby's health.

3. Lower back pain

Increased weight and pressure of the uterus commonly result in lower back pain in pregnant women, particularly in the second and third trimesters. Lower back pain is often a symptom of more dehydration, because when the discs that cushion the gaps in between vertebrae are not well lubricated they create friction and inflammation which causes pain. Drinking more alkaline water can help lubricate the discs in the spinal cord and alleviate the pain more quickly than regular water. We have also heard, not tested, that soaking a rag in strong ionized alkaline water and applying topically to the pain site is also very effective at temporarily relieving pain.

4. Heartburn/indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion are other possible side effects of increased progesterone and a growing uterus during pregnancy. Aiming to drink more alkaline water between meals instead of during meals can help prevent heartburn and indigestion, and drinking a cool glass of alkaline water while experiencing this pain can help alleviate it.

5. Morning sickness

The true cause of morning sickness is a lack of alkaline minerals because our bodies require increased levels of alkaline minerals during pregnancy to help develop the fetus. When women don’t have an ample supply of alkaline minerals, they force their bodies to steal from their bones, muscles and teeth whenever we eat and drink acidic foods like hamburgers and soda. A sudden shift in our pH balance during pregnancy can result in morning sickness, so the key is to drink plenty of ionized alkaline water and eat an abundance of alkaline foods. Here is a list of foods that can also help alkaline levels - 25 Alkaline Promoting Foods

6. Dry itchy skin

A growing pregnant belly stretches the skin and often results in dry, itchy skin. Staying properly hydrated with more alkaline water can help skin stay smooth and supple and prevent some of the itching.

7. Poor sleep

Poor sleep is common throughout many pregnancies due to increased hormones, frequent urination, anxiety, discomfort, and other annoying side effects. Ionized alkaline water from Molly Water Co has been found to promote better sleep overall. Pregnant women should attempt to fulfill their daily water quota by early evening to help prevent additional late night treks to the bathroom.

8. Low energy/fatigue

Low energy and fatigue are common in early and late pregnancy due to increased hormones and added weight, often compounded by a lack of quality sleep. Drinking more alkaline water has been found to increase energy, because being properly hydrated helps the body function better on all levels. Pregnant women should attempt to meet their daily water quota by early evening to prevent additional late night trips to the restroom.

9. Brain Fog

They say that a woman’s brain shrinks 4% during pregnancy, which often results in temporary forgetfulness.  Alkaline magnesium water has been shown to improve memory and reduce brain fog by keeping the brain fully hydrated and thus better able to function on all levels. Remember the QUALITY of the water you drink is just as important as the QUANTITY. Most normal bottled waters are acidic and actually rob the body of alkaline minerals, while unfiltered tap water carries many chemicals and contaminants. Invest in some Molly bottled alkaline water today and enjoy fresh filtered ionized alkaline water!

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